SUNCOR Energy and MTN to present at ARC Industry Forum, Orlando, February 10-13, 2014

"Closing the GAP: Bringing Financial Clarity to Operational Decision Making", D. Mudt, P. Lutz, P. Toner, Suncor Energy Partnership, and S.S. Treiber, R.S. McLeod, D.B. Black, MTN.  ARC Industry Forum, Orlando, Feb. 10-13, 2014

The presentation will show how Suncor is using the Refinery Profit Meter [RPM]™ to generate profit improvement of nearly $0.50/Bbl of crude feedstock from increased yield of higher value products by closing the GAP between "Plan" and "Actual" in near real time.  The application is quick quick to install, does not increase head count, enhances the refineries existing work processes for collaboration between planning, scheduling, operations and control, and generates payback almost immediately on installation.  Payback in less than 7 days.