How to develop a Go-to-Market Strategy

Course Syllabus here:APS1035, Fall 2020


Instructor:     Professor Steve Treiber

e-mail: steve.treiber@utoronto.ca

APS1035, “Technology Sales for Entrepreneurs”, fall term.  If you are struggling with your go-to-market strategy this is the course for you.  At some point in the careers of most engineers and scientists, find themselves needing to convince their boss, their company, their co-workers, or a client to try some new idea. That new idea, product or service might be so novel that there are no easy comparisons to be made to something existing and proven.

Students will learn the keys to selling a “customer” on an idea, product or service that they passionately believe in. The course learning objectives are delivered via lectures, exercises, role playing, group presentations and homework assignments. The students will learn how to organize and communicate their thoughts and facts in a way that will increase their probability of succeeding in convincing the decision makers that they should take a chance on a new idea or innovation.  APS1035 course syllabus here.