APS1088: How to Start a Successful Canadian Business

Course Syllabus here:APS1088, Fall 2023

Instructor:     Professor Steve Treiber

e-mail: steve.treiber@utoronto.ca

APS1088, “Business Planning and Execution”, fall term. In-person and On-line from the classroom.  Attending in-person/synchronous sessions is optional, unless of course you want to meet likeminded entrepreneurs, your classmates.  If your ambition is to be your own boss, choose your own team, control your work schedule, this is the course for you.  Watch this.  You will learn how to start and run a successful Canadian business that is profitable on day ONE, using your start-up idea.  If you don't have a start-up idea the course will help you find one.  Help the Professor build an example start-up in class while you build your own through the course assignments. This course was developed and is taught by successful Canadian entrepreneurs who imagined, built and sold at least one of their own successful businesses. The course materials, lectures, and assignments are based on personal experiences, published best practices and provide students with a toolkit/recipe for starting and running a successful business. The course project is an exercise in how to start and run one,"from soup to nuts". Enrollment begins August 2023.