Entrepreneurship Training

Engineering Entrepreneurship Courses by Professor Steve Treiber, Ph.D., P.Eng., steve.treiber@utoronto.ca

APS1061, “Business Strategy and Intrapreneurship, In-person, Synchronous & Asynchronous. Attending live, dual sessions is optional. Attending first session is storngly recommended. If you want to lead a business some day this is the course for you.  Every successful business executive and entrepreneur will encounter complex business problems they must urgently solve.  COVID19, SARS and 9/11 are extreme examples of unpredictable events that can destroy a business.  Leveraging some of the problem-solving skills that you have learned during your engineering education, this course teaches how to define, solve and communicate the solution to a complex business problem using an engineering approach.   Each year we use an unsolved business problem published in newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal as the source of our challenge problem.  In 2022 it is Facebook(META).  Here is how the course will work for you. APS1061 course syllabus here.

APS1088, “Business Planning and Execution”, fall term. Asynchronous, Synchronous & In-Person. Attending hybrid synchronous/in-person sessions is optional.  If your ambition is to be your own boss, choose your team, determine your schedule, this is the course for you.  Watch this. You will learn how to start and run a successful Canadian business that is profitable on day ONE, using a real start-up as an example.  Help the Professor build the example start-up in class while you build your own through the course assignments.  The course is developed and taught by successful Canadian entrepreneurs who imagined, built and sold at least one of their own successful businesses. The course materials, lectures, and assignments are based on personal experiences, published best practices and provide students with a toolkit/recipe for starting and running a successful business. The course project is an exercise in how to start one,"from soup to nuts".   APS1088 course syllabus here.  Enrollment begins August 3, 2021.


APS1035, “Learn the Science of Persuasion”, Fall Term.  Asynchronous & Synchronous & In-Person. Watch this. If you are struggling with your go-to-market strategy this is the course for you.  At some point in their careers engineers and scientists find themselves needing to convince their boss, their company, their co-workers, or a client to try some new idea. That new idea, product or service might be so novel that there are no easy comparisons to be made to something existing and proven and the deciders lack relevant technical knowledge.  If you have faced that problem this is the course for you. Enrollment begins August 3, 2021.

If you are in a start-up you will learn how to find your first customer, make your first sale, negotiate your first contract, and build a sales pipeline for the future.  Students will learn the keys to selling a “customer” on an idea, product or service that they passionately believe in. The course learning objectives are delivered via lectures, exercises, role playing, group presentations and homework assignments, based on real sales pursuits in start-ups  of the course creators and teacher. Students will learn how to organize and communicate their thoughts and facts in a way that will increase their probability of "closing" a deal.

Webinar courses coming Summer and Fall 2022:  Are you an engineering, science or technology graduate student at the University of Toronto who wants to start and run your own successful business?  Do you want to learn how to start one from successful, seasoned, entrepreneurs? APS1061,  APS1088 and APS1035 are the courses for you.  APS1088 will teach you the ABC’s of start-up to profit using a real start-up example.

September 2022, watch how APS1035 will teach you how to develop and execute your go-to-market strategy using real examples based on the teachers' experience and documented best practices.  Summer enrolment begins April 4, 2022, Fall Enrolment begins August 2, 2022.