APS1061 Speaker Series

APS1061 Speaker Series:  Facebook and Libra, The Next Market Disruption

Facebook's Libra digital currency has the potential to disrupt markets from retail to banking, insurance, and real estate.  Any market centered on a financial transaction where that transaction involves multple intermediaries who add cost to the exchange of value will be disrupted.  APS1061 explores the business opportunity and risk presented by Libra and the speaker series brings together experts in the domain of digital currrency to reveal their insights into the possibilities.  Course schedule:


May 10, 2022, 6-7pm

Mr. Vikram Chopra, Co-founder & CEO,Shabodi

Enabling 5G Applications

May 11, 2022, 6-7pm

Mr. Ethan Beard,

NFTs and the MetaVerse


Aug 4, 2-4pm

Mr. Scott Howard, Founder, First Stack Capital

Digital Currency Market Trends

Aug 5, 2-4pm

Mr. Ranier Sandoval Padilla, CDL Toronto

Strategy Workshop

Aug 6, 2-4pm

Mr. Vikram Chopra, Highlinebeta

Cryptocurrency and Startups

Aug 17, 2-4pm

Dr. Ajay Singh, CEO, Fairom Inc.

Private Blockchains

Aug 18, 2-4pm

Mr. Nassib Kazoun, Mastercard

Mobile Pay using Blockchain

Aug 19, 2-4pm

Mr. Sachin Jaitly,Managing Partner,Tessera VP

Sovereign vs, Digital Currency

Aug 20, 2-4pm

Mr. Harpreet Geekee, CTO and Co-Founder

Blockchain and Medtech